About Us

Apex Core, formerly MHES, was originally founded in 2009 and rebranded in late 2014 to facilitate and support the company’s expansion from a single discipline electrical service to the multi-discipline building services consultancy it is now provides from the engineering team across the building services consultancy engineering spectrum.

teamworkApex Core is a multi-disciplined building services consulting company, our highly qualified and dedicated team are a focused group of engineers committed to our strong and growing client base.  Our experienced and qualified engineering team deliver projects of all scale and complexity by providing solutions to meet our client’s expectations, programme and budget accordingly, with the key goals being to provide client satisfaction by achieving repeat business in all circumstances by the proven track record we have.

Apex Core works on the basis that if you try to be everything to everybody then you will end up being nothing to anyone, as such we take on enough project work to be sure we can support all our clients and projects effectively without over stretching resource or providing services which are not to our strengths. As a result we have concentrated on our strong resilient client base across a mix of differing industry sectors providing economical design using proven technology and established manufacturers.  We have very strong and historical relationships across the spectrum of clients, contractors, architects, project managers, cost consultants, LEED/BREEAM consultants, and maintenance companies as well as other building services consultants which we work with on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with market leading manufacturers enabling us to provide the best solution/application to the required project works as well as costing and budget information provided for the clients at the early project stages by exercising these relationships and ensure good quality follow up customer support post project completion even when engaging through services and main contractors as part of a project.

We work for a large number of clients who insist on keeping their projects confidential and as such are well versed in the practice of non-disclosure agreements and are open to discussing any needs you may have in this respect.